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Your Body Language – What Is Your Body Saying?

Have you observed salespeople in other industries where you determined they were either professional or untrustworthy?  On what facts did you base this determination?  While many people watch others intensely, they do not realize that they also are being scrutinized!

The next time you are observing a businessperson you like, make a mental note of what it is that is appealing.  Are these likeable people confident, well-dressed, soft-spoken, knowledgeable or helpful?  Do they provide a style or service you particularly liked and can easily adapt to your business?

What do Prospects think when you speak?

Do you practice speaking in front of a mirror; vary your voice tone to generate excitement; use gestures to make your presentation more interesting; smile naturally and consistently; sound confident and professional; and look confident and professional?

Concentrate on the facial expressions of others as you speak the next time you have a meeting or are in a networking setting.  Do they appear to be agreeing and buying into what you are saying?

Body language and facial expressions are so important that after the first Presidential debate, the San Francisco Chronicle featured an article with the following headline:

“Body language may carry more weight than words”.

The article continued,

“Candidates’ visual cues in debate could sway voters, communications 
experts say.”

Business statistics that I have read are even more startling:  People identify with success.  A decision is statistically made at 7% on what you say; 38% how you say it; and 55% on how you look.  The statistics may vary slightly from book to book but stay in a close range.  That said, it is of utmost importance you practice in the mirror, and secondly, observe others watching you speak.  At the same time, you must carefully watch those with whom you wish to do business.  It’s a two way street.

A Purchasing Manager of a dotcom start-up company, in Silicon Valley, with a reputation for being nasty to salespeople arranged to meet with me for the final proposal.  Before I even sat down, I was greeted with a bark of “I don’t want any fluff, just the figures!”  Confidently, I replied, “No problem, here they are.”

At this point, I was a very observant salesperson.  As I handed the sheet with numbers to the Purchasing Manager, I keenly watched his face.  Within a split second there was a huge smile, he caught himself, the smile faded and he meanly said to me,

“No, these numbers are not good enough, you need to do better. 

Come back when you have something we can use.”

The end result was, I was able to get him to approve the purchase within 10 minutes.  Simply being observant, I was able to tell him in a nice way, that his smile was observed.  Speaking from his point of view, I then let him know that his time was so valuable that setting up another date would be exhausting, and that he actually was getting the very best offer – reiterating his initial smile.  He had nowhere to go but to authorize the agreement.

Two men I encountered in different years shared the same body language.  The second time it was encountered, I racked my brain to remember who this man reminded me of.  I was frightened, because I was about to accept a position with this man who would be my new Manager.

The two people would turn their heads sideways after making a statement.  In many cases it may simply mean the person making this gesture is not confident.  Of course, it was the middle of the night when I remembered and then I had a giant headache for two days.   I recalled the first man was unethical and the second man (unfortunately my manager) was highly unethical.

As you meet with people, on the negative side look for rolling of the eyeballs, a raised eyebrow, disgust on the face, arms folded, coughing, fidgeting, looking at the watch, and looking away when they speak. On a positive note, observe your Prospects leaning in as you talk, intelligent questions asked of you, enthusiasm, and smiles.

Keep your own body language in check

as you are very carefully being watched!

 Additional Ideas to Build Business:  Practice in front of a mirror before you present; Be genuine and enthusiastic; Ask questions of “why” rather than arguing with Prospects; Observe if you are being met with equal enthusiasm; Listen to the words being used; Listen to how the words are being used; Listen for consistency; Observing and Listening, Listening, Listening will put you on the right track; Your center of influence will grow  and your business will prosper.

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