Why Women Live Longer Than Men Inspite of Their Smaller and Weaker Bodies

My mother died at 89 years while my father passed on at 78. This personal experience is not conclusive enough for anybody to say women live longer than men, because women especially here in Africa have risks of their own, especially those to do with child birth, domestic violence and harms of passion, where men kill women out of jealousy or in the pursuit of family honor.

But given modernization of the health services around the world that have helped to give a level playing ground between men and women with regard to life expectancies, women still outlive men statistically on this planet.

The men out there may appear bigger, stronger, taller more agile and muscular like “The Big Show”, the celebrated Big bodied American Wrestler, but their petit sisters still live much longer than them on this planet inspite of them eating the same diet and roaming the same environment. In Kenya, East Africa, research has it that baby girls born on the same day with baby boys will most certainly outlive the boys by over 5 years on average or even more! Below are just a few reasons that attempt to explain these tendencies:


The other reason advanced for the longevity of women above men is attributed to hormones. Men’s higher testosterone levels appear to speed their early demise, while women’s higher oestrogen levels seem to be the secret behind their longevity. It appears oestrogen offers insulation to the cells of the women from wear and tear, while the testosterone aggravates depreciation of the cells, making men susceptible to aging and disease.

X Chromosomes

Science seems to allude to the fact that women’s pair of X chromosome gives them an extra edge on the scale of longevity over men who have only one copy of the X chromosome in their genes. Imagine a shoe-lace and the plastic bits at each end to stop it from unravelling. X Chromosomes have something similar at their ends called telomeres. Each time a cell divides, the telomere shortens a little. The signs are that the longer the telomeres are, the healthier the DNA and the slower the aging. This longer telomeres also wards off the onset of age related diseases and in all these, woman seen to enjoy the advantage of having a pair of X chromosomes.

Dangerous occupations

The other reason why men have been living shorter lives than women is that they are more daring and join dangerous occupations such as the army, mining, construction industry, where they get killed easily or contract diseases that are work related. Take the example of night Guards-they leave the comfort of their homes to do night guard duties and get exposed to all sorts of dangers related to their jobs.

Risky Lifestyle

Men are also prone to risky lifestyles like over smoking, alcoholism, drug trafficking, over speeding while driving, engaging in risky sexual activities with sex workers even when happily married and above all, they neglect their health and are often reluctant to visit a doctor even when they are aware all is not well with their heath.

Risky Sports

Even in sports, it is almost always the men that go for risky sporting activities such as sky diving, going atop Mount Everest, skying, wrestling, boxing and many others. All these factors make men die earlier than women.

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