Re-Strategize Your Business for Growth

Do you analyze changes needed to achieve your goals?

Have you ever noticed that while many business people begin at the same time, a few will stand out as way ahead in attaining goals and achieving greater success? More startling is the fact that many of the hugely successful business people were initially “stuck” or even failed and had to start over. How did they then achieve success in a shorter time period?

Most business people who feel stuck, have a bad experience or simply don’t know how to proceed, either keep on doing “business as usual” or become frozen with fear and simply give up.

The one common trait that successful business people have is the ability to remove themselves from the emotions of the business to analyze where they are at and where they need to go. They then strategize how to get to their next level.

The other habit of these successful business people is their tenacity of pursuing their dreams. They do not give up but find alternate ways of accomplishing what they want.

Do You:

  • Regularly update your goals
  • Internalize your goals to stay on target
  • Keep track of your achievements
  • Examine how to overcome setbacks
  • Adjust your strategies when obstacles arise
  • Seek advice from others who are a few steps ahead
  • Continually add strategies to your repertoire for accelerated success?

I confess, at the end of last year, I was almost in the category of “most people”. But, I gave it “one last try.” It was as scary as jumping off of a high-dive.

I volunteered to let the director of a newly formed publishing group read my manuscript to test her processes. My technique was to offer it to her benefit. Two weeks later, more panic set in when the director said, “Yes!” Her acceptance gave me fear, hope and, finally, light at the end of the tunnel.

I now have a self-published book for sale as well as the possibility of a full-fledged publisher in the wings. The book is entitled “Smooth Selling a quick course in building relationships.” You will find the book listed on Amazon with high ratings as well as on my website.

My counterparts gathered at my home last week to toast the re-launch of my business. The support group is a necessity for business people working at home to combat loneliness, brainstorm overcoming obstacles and to celebrate victories. At this gathering, one associate relayed how a mutual friend grew her $500 per month business to $10,000 per month almost overnight.

My celebration provided me with a warm glow after everyone left. It also motivated me to immediately call the now highly successful entrepreneur. Upon hearing her voice, I congratulated her on her success, and asked to take her to lunch to find what strategies she changed in her business. My plan is to mirror her steps to success. She very kindly accepted the invitation!

Ask yourself – am I re-examining the goals I set for my business. Are they being achieved; if not, what can I do to turn things around to achieve not only those goals but also succeeding goals?

In closing, I challenge you take a serious look at how you conduct business. Try changing just one idea or strategy to take your business to the next level more quickly.

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