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How to get good habits – Part 2 (The crucial moment)

Recently I’ve posted the first part of “How to get the good habits” series, in which I described that when getting the new habit, it’s important to focus on advantages you get from it and keep this advantages in mind, especially when you want to roll back to the old ones.

As you remember, I also wanted to refuse from eating many sweeties, by replacing them with healthy food – fruits and vegetables.

One week passed, and I would like to share with you my impressions!

For the first days or my transfer, I often had dreams appearing in my head like: “How it would be great to eat a brick of chocolate” and even doubts like: “Maybe I shouldn’t be so strict with myself. Other people eat chocolate, so I will!” However, I used the method I described in the first part of “How to get the good habits” post, imagining myself in 5 years strong and healthy at one of the beaches in Hawaii. And it helped! I think this method was useful because I focused my dreams on what I wanted to achieve and maybe at the same moment by subconscious mind connected health and strength to the fruits and vegetables, so I didn’t wish to eat chocolate anymore.

However, for the first days, it was challenging to switch my thoughts from sweeties to Hawaii.

For the following days, it became a little bit easier. However, I had to put some effort (it was especially tough knowing that a bunch of chocolates wait for me at home 😉 ).

The interesting situation was on Saturday when I came back from the summer house. The mood was beautiful; so on my way back home, I decided eating one chocolate upon arrival. However hard I tried to drive this thought away and switch back to Hawaii, the desire still was growing. I’ve understood it was maybe the critical moment of getting the new habit.

Upon arrival my desire of eating the chocolate was enormous, so I did a brute force trick. I went to the kitchen, took an orange and ate it! I felt my sweet desire decreased, however, persisted. So I ate some peanuts, apple, and banana. Then I felt relieved!

Yesterday was a Monday, the eighth day of my new habit. I noticed that I didn’t want to eat chocolate anymore. My mind was completely clear from these thoughts! Surely, when I passed some shop with lots of candies, I felt some desire of eating one or two. However, I could switch my thoughts to Hawaii without any efforts.

To summarize my lesson, when getting the new habit, the crucial moment appears at the end of the first week – may be the 6th or the 7th day. During this day the desire of rolling back to the old habit is enormous and hard to resist! What can help – is the brute force method. I.e. when you were refusing from eating something, you may drink the water for whole the day or eat something healthy, like an apple. When I passed the crucial moment, I’ve got a new habit! The same I wish to you!

Acquire good habits and be healthy! Good luck!

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