Health Problems Faced by Runners

Being a fitness expert and a doctor, I regularly advise everyone who meets me to incorporate exercise into their daily schedule. It’s important to keep away cardiovascular diseases and also to keep the body fit and slim.

There are times when I meet over-enthusiasts or adolescents who want to know how many ‘hours’ they should exercise or the number of km they should run. Well, for starters, thirty minutes a day for five days in a week is enough. After this, they can keep on increasing the frequency. However, there are many who start off at a high level and suffer problems later.

Proper frequency and intensity modulation is the key here. However, the following lines depict some running problems faced by people who started without warm-up or did too much or even had some medical history:

  • Studies have shown that regular runners are prone to more cold issues. This occurs when the immune system weakens after a tough race or going for long runs. The immune system can be given a boost by drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables. Also, one can avoid running on days when they experience raised temperature, streaming nose or paining muscles.
  • Porous bones or osteoporosis is a problem when the bones start weakening with age. This can be avoided by running regularly. However, demanding too much from the bones can cause issues. This can be avoided by including high calcium food items – tofu, low-fat dairy items, and green vegetables – in their diet.
  • Almost half the runners after exercise or even during them experience trots, i.e. different symptoms experienced after running which can include diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, and cramping. This is caused by blood flowing away from the intestine and towards the legs. These can be avoided by hydrating the body before starting, avoiding food items about a couple of hours before the run and avoiding caffeine or warm fluids before running. Also, one can limit their consumption of foods containing a high amount of fiber in the days leading to a long and tough race.

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