Five Simple Steps to a Clean House

Make your bed when you wake up every morning. Make it a habit. The bed makes the room, if you have a messy bed, then you have a messy room. So keep your bed made, when you are not in it. Simple as that.

Do at least one load of laundry a day to get caught up, instead of waiting for the weekend to tackle your piles. When you get up in the morning, put a load in the wash. Make sure to allow enough time to be able to switch the load over to the dryer before you leave, that way your clothes are dry by the time you get home. Don’t let clothes sit wet all day in the wash, to avoid your clothes smelling like mold.

Clean up as you prepare your meals. Clean and put away items that you used that you won’t need again for the preparation of the meal. Rinse out/off dishes and utensils then put them in the dishwasher whileyou cook or bake. This will eliminate the seemingly, never-ending pile of dishes that seem to accumulate at the end of every meal.

Clean your kitchen sink every night and wipe off all of your kitchen counters. There is something therapeutic about waking up and going into a clean kitchen to get my morning coffee. My Grandmother as well as my own Mother always told me, growing up, to scrub the sink when you are done with your dishes every evening. This will prevent staining (if you have a white sink) and your sink from stinking (you know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you?). Make sure to wipe all of your counters down, before you clean out your sink. You should sanitize your counters and sink every night to avoid unwanted bacteria from sticking around.

Make a schedule for tackling big projects like cleaning the bathrooms or mopping the floors. I tend to clean the bathrooms and wash the bedding every Saturday or Sunday. If you have a schedule throughout the week, then you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your weekend away cleaning your house (which we all know we’ve let the cleaning “to-do” list pile up before, because we didn’t want to waste a weekend away).

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