The Economy Can Put a Strain on Marriages

Marriage is not easy and it takes dedication and lots of hard work to hold it together. Many marriages suffer financial hardships and couples may not be equipped to deal with such challenges. Having little income can make all the marital bliss go away. It is essential that couples set budgets and discontinue over spending. Couples should communicate how they feel in a respectful manner and if things seem to be leaning towards destruction, communications should cease for some time until both parties feel they are ready.

The husband or the wife may have lost their job, and the marriage begins to break because the income has decreased. The bills continue to roll in and things steadily increase, so the pressure is put on the husband or the wife. Even if both the husband and wife are working, the marriage could also feel some effects of the economy. Remember that food prices, gas prices and rent is increasing. Many are trying to stay in their homes and experience the pressures of mortgage payments.

Many people can not handle dealing with the lack of economic stamina. Husband’s may have an even more difficult time dealing with the lack of finances. Couples should seek therapy to help them cope with the challenges that come from economic despair. The couples need to understand that finger pointing will not solve their issues and must understand that doing so will only create more issues. It is essential that couples go to inexpensive events until the money starts flowing again.

If one is working and the other is not than that person should assist the other. A marriage is a union and if one of the pieces falls the other piece must lift up. Couples should not attack each other but try and encourage each other and they’ll notice the difference. Finding odd and end jobs may assist in some way. If there are children involved and there is one or two that need up close attention than it may be difficult for the husband or wife to work.

One member may have to take on a second job until things get better. That may put a strain on the other party physically but it may help financially. Staying connected throughout the marriage is essential and finding ways to cope will assist with the couples mental health. Asking friends or family to assist in any way may be necessary. The marriage must hold dedication and commitment so that it can survive.

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