Divorce to Expensive? Try a Temporary Marriage

Forget about the “till death do us part” aspect of marriage. If you’re not sure your beloved will be your beloved sometime in the future or if you think the cost of divorce will create some serious hardship should it happen to you, then Mexico has the perfect solution – a temporary marriage.

A proposed ordinance in Mexico City would allow engaged couples to decide how long their marriage will last. Got a spare weekend? How about a couple of years? If the proposed ordinance is finalized you could agree on a wonderful married life, just as long as it isn’t too long.

Divorce Costs Too High

Of course, if you wanted to commit to someone for eternity, that’s okay as well. But, the Mexican officials think you ought to think carefully about that – divorce costs are high and if you can’t afford to officially part ways you could be stuck with each other for longer than you want.

The ordinance would allow couples to set a date after which they could renew their vows if they so choose.

But, wouldn’t a divorce be more likely – or marriage itself be less likely – if a couple walks up to the minister or official and one blurts out “one year” while the other says “two years,” when asked how long they wish to be married? Oops. You’d better work out those kinds of details before you get to the alter.

Other Uses for Ordinance?

The concept does provide a wonderful new dating approach. A gentleman approaches a woman in a bar and finds she has no interest in him. Just offer her a short-term marriage and you’re both of the hook before too much damage is done.

Indeed, why can’t this type of arrangement work in other aspects of one’s life? Children, for example. One morning you gather you brood at the breakfast table and inform your youngsters that their parents had agreed to be parents for only a short period of time, and now their time was up. Goodbye and good luck. You’re on your own.

The work environment would benefit from such an arrangement, wouldn’t it? ‘Boss, I agreed you could supervise me for only six months so now you have to move on.’ Maybe not.

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