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How to make Healthy Iced Coffee

Learn how to make Healthy Iced Coffee at home that’s healthy, diet-friendly, and costs only pennies per cup! Skip the coffee shop to save calories and money! Healthy iced coffee made with cold (leftover) coffee, almond milk and without any added sugar. On a hot summer day, this glass of …

Citrus Kombucha Mezcal Cocktails

This Citrus Kombucha Mezcal cocktail is one of my most made drinks. A healthy cocktail that adds a probiotic punch! Summer is officially here! The days are getting longer and warmer, which means we’re officially in that summer state of mind. With Summer comes BBQ’s, pool (or beach) days, and …

Sparkling Rasberry Lemonade Recipe

These Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade are delicious, refreshing and easy. They make a great drink to serve at a summer gathering and can be made as a cocktail or mocktail. These Sparkling Rasberry Lemonade are a fun and delicious drink for summer. They are also really easy to make, with just …