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Anorexia Fashion and How It Affects Young Generations

Who was that guy who decided that being beautiful means being skinny? I’m jealous of women who lived in ’50s-’60s and knew nothing of cellulite. Now it seems to be problem #1.

You know how hard it is for kids to grow up healthy with this pressure about overweight from all over. It was not so bad back in my childhood, as this epoch of skeleton ads have only picked up strength then. My younger sister was born in 2002, and now at the age of 17, she is a shining example of how far the propaganda is skinny beauty is now.

She was a normal kid who loved sweets and other delicious stuff. Since she turned 13, she put on weight some extra pounds (at that times she weighted approximately 100 lb at the height 5 ft), as her body has started shaping. She was depressed about this.

It was also our Mom who contributed to the problem, as she always points out our weak sides, like being overweight or underweight. She also cooked a lot of great stuff and buying a lot of candies and then blamed us for overeating.

My sister is very determined, and when she decided to lose some weight, nobody could stop her. She limited her portions, stopped eating in the evening, had only lights breakfast. That sounds like the right way. As soon as she started losing weight, she couldn’t stop. I was proud of her. I never managed to repeat what she did, as I’m too weak for it. I only managed to lose 10-12 lb.

At first, everybody was ok with her diet. But then our mother……… our mother had been frantic as she watched her healthy teenage daughter melt away. She became skinny in just two years. At that time I already lived elsewhere and was able to see her once in a month or so. I was even protecting her, saying to Mom as soon as she felt ok…there is nothing to worry.

These days she is 17 years old and being a first-year student, but looks more like a schoolgirl. Her current weight is 77 lb, and the height hasn’t changed (do you think this could be anorexia?) with even XS size being big for her. She often buys clothes in the kid’s department, as it sits much better on her. Adult stuff has to be made over for her, as it’s too big.

Now she moved and lived with me. She is happy, as Mom was bugging her a lot about the necessity of eating more. I used to be more liberal in this question. I thought it doesn’t want to it let it be. But now I’m puzzled. I’m worried about her health. She is so skinny. When I look at her, I remember the pictures of starving African kids.

The problem is that she can’t see the problem. She always repeats that she is ok, feeling good and don’t want to eat. I try to lure her. I’m buying the food she likes and talks to her, but it doesn’t help. She looks the same. I don’t want to turn into Mom and ask her to eat more, as it is useless. She doesn’t listen to it.

So, here she is the product of the “women beauty revolution.” She looks like a catwalk model and being proud of it. I love her so much and want to see her happy, but scared I could once found her in hospital. I am completely confused about this situation. What can be done about it? Maybe, there is no reason to worry and let her leave her life. Are there any tricks that could help me to make her eat more?

And can somebody tell me when the hell this skeleton propaganda will over? I’m 100% sure that being healthy and pretty, doesn’t mean being skinny. What is your attitude towards it?

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