9 Steps to Overcome Seasonal Depression

It just a few weeks ago that summer is over. But the bright day has gone much shorter, and it rains much often. I’m a summer kind of girl, born in the south of the country, and I don’t like cold seasons at all. So the change of the season is a hard time for me. Last week I felt terrible, hopeless and anxious. I didn’t have the energy for anything and was oversleeping. I also found that I’m not interested in the things I usually enjoy. I also had to pull myself together for concentrating and processing information.

Something just went wrong with my spirit and body. If you experience any of these symptoms, especially on a seasonal basis, you are as well as me probably a minor victim of seasonal effective disorder. But fortunately, there are dozens of natural ways to beat seasonal depression. So I decided to make a plan on how to increase my spirit.

Step 1 – I Decided That This is a Great Time to Take Care of Myself

Changing my day schedule devoting more free time to myself is an excellent way out of seasonal depression. It is suitable for your body, as after a busy summer your body also needs time to get used to a new season. I started from a hair cut to renew my hair and new body lotion as my skin was a little bit dried by the summer sun.

I also decided to visit the solarium. Scientists proved it is a good replaces of the natural sunlight which stimulates your body to produce serotonin.

I do not have enough money to allow myself to visit SPA salons, so I decided to create the one for myself at home. It is easy to do. There is a lot of bath products with natural and herb ingredients. So one of the evenings I devoted to taking a bath with roses leaves and other relaxing herbs. I was awesome.

Step 2 – I Stay Physically Active

Feeling sleepless at work mainly in the first half of the day made me seek for options on how to make my body wake up. I have chosen dance classes. I visited a Dance Mix class after work, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Fast and energizing music and smiling girls made me smile too. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in dances, and you are not going to fight for a gold price, enjoy yourself and your body. I was laughing at myself seeing how funny I move in the mirror.

Today I’m going to take a Strip Dance class, which is excellent for muscle work out and also makes you feel sexy.

Try to walk outdoors every day. Exercise and dances are an excellent combination for elevating your spirits.

Step 3 – I Absorb More Sunlight and Open Myself for Cultural Events

Feeling the light day is getting shorter and shorter, I decided to catch as more sunlight as possible. As it is not so cold yet, it is pretty nice to spend an hour or two walking around the park or visiting the places I’ve never been too. Spending more time outdoors will give you a considerable surplus of energy.

Autumn also a great time to visit the cultural event, as this is precisely the time when theater season is started. I found out that there is a significant number of cultural fact going in the city. I put in my daily list to visit some of them. I also promised myself to buy an opera or ballet tickets, as I have never done it before. Who knows, maybe I liked it afterward.

Step 4 – I Do Things I Enjoy

The moist autumn evening when one prefers to stay at home is an excellent time for re-reading the favorite book or watching a favorite movie. A few days ago I watched Step Up 2 and Dirty Dances. I loved these movies. After watching it I decided to take dance classes, and I did. Soon I’ll be as good at dancing as these guys.

The recipe is simple, find the thing you haven’t done for a long time or have never done before (but loved to) and do it. It will surely raise your spirit.

Step 5 – I Stay Connected

Being in a bad mood makes you want to stay alone instead of meeting old friends or making new connections, but in reality this is not the best time to do so. Loneliness can only make you feel more depressed. So don’t close up. Take invitations from your friends or organize a party yourself.

Tomorrow I will visit the Birthday Party of my beloved man, who is turning two. He is cute, and I loved him a lot, though he couldn’t even pronounce my name yet.

Step 6 – I Train Myself to Be Positive

If you focus too much on what’s wrong in your life, your brain can get stuck in a “negative” rut. Fortunately, with just a little effort, you can condition your brain to balance your moods and overcome seasonal depression. I decided to create a daily “gratitude list”, as a way out. Every day, I take a minute or two to make a conscious effort to name things in my life I’m grateful for: my family, my cat, my warm bed, a hot shower, yellow trees, music, coffee, and so on. Every time you do it, you condition your brain for appreciation and happiness.

Step 7 – I’m Trying to Be Kind to Others

I heard a story when a customer in the drive-thru line at a Pittsburgh-area Starbucks paid for the coffee of the customer behind her. That customer was so pleased that she then paid for the person behind her. The chain continued for two hours! I haven’t done something of that kind yet, but I will try soon. The easy thing to do is smile to smile at someone on the street, hold a door open or talk to a neighbor you never spoke before.

Step 8 – I Laugh Every Day

Laughter is recharging your battery. There are all kinds of studies showing how good laugh is for your brain, your health, and your immune system. It’s good for your mood, your immune system, and holiday depression. To overcome seasonal depression, find a reason to laugh every day — all the better if you can find the humor in your relatives’ annoying habits or the little things that usually stress you out!

Step 9 – I Eat and Drink What I like

Maybe it is not the healthiest step, but it works. Chocolates and other sweets is an excellent way to raise your spirit as they also contribute to serotonin production. Eat more seafood if possible. It is an excellent source of energy.

As for the drinks, it is so beautiful to warm up after the cold and moist autumn day with a glass of mulled wine. It is easy to prepare. Take a bottle of dry red wine, start warming it up, add some honey, cinnamon, and orange or lemon, spice it with cloves. This drink tastes great and also prevents you from getting sick in one of the rainy days.

These are the things I tried that helped me. I’m sure there are lots of other ways to overcome a seasonal depression, so I would be glad to hear more tips on overcoming depression from you.

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